There are amazing artists in Yachats and many amazing local galleries.  We work with Touchstone Gallery to bring you beautiful sushi wares which pair well with our Asian food selections.  There is so much beauty and creativity in Yachats, that we wanted to join the local galleries in bringing that beauty to you.

Anita Hayden

Anita is a local Yachats resident and brings her beautifully repurposed material woven rugs to you.  They are all unique and well-crafted.  These reasonably priced rugs and runners will provide many years of enjoyment

Heather Taylor
Heather is a gifted local graphic designer, photographer and artist.  Her beaded shadowboxes are unbelievably detailed with each bead lovingly hand stitched.  Be sure to take the time to peruse her work carefully.  It is intricate and inspiring!

Jirivil Wood

Jirivil creates amazing and intricate beads through lamp working techniques and we're thrilled to carry her pendants in the store.  Peaches, strawberries and mushrooms in ethereal and vibrant colors join dragonflies in varied hues.  These artistic pieces will pair well with whatever you're wearing

Touchstone Gallery

Touchstone Gallery (2118 Hwy 101) has an amazing display of artwork and they graciously allow us to carry several of their sushi ware items in the store.  These unique, beautiful works of art will show off on any table and become treasured centerpieces for years to come.

262 Hwy 101 N. Yachats, OR 97498 541-547-4117