Fresh, organic & local produce - year round!

Ya-Hots Video Country Store offers fresh, organically grown produce year round.  Each season brings a different variety so the selection is ever-changing.  While we offer fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here in Yachats and in the Yachats River Valley, our season is rather short.  At the request of our customers, we now bring in organic produce from outside of our immediate local area, although we continue to seek out those things which are in season.  This means you'll find asparagus, strawberries and rhubarb in the early spring, peaches, corn and melons in summertime, and winter squash, apples and pears in the fall and hardy root vegetables and citrus in the wintertime, just when you crave them the most!

262 Hwy 101 N. Yachats, OR 97498 541-547-4117